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The Goings-Ons of 2CC

Saturday was an interesting day on 2CC, the morning programming was an outside broadcast from Bunnings Belconnen, Steve Liebmann filled in for Glenn Wheeler in the afternoon. 2UE covered the New South Wales Waratahs’ rugby union match until 10pm, so 2CC ran local programming, with Kris McKenzie running what sounded like an incredibly well organised show, which isn’t something I’ve ever associated with 2CC’s rare local night time programming. 2CC should be proud of their Saturday night effort, and consider doing things like that more often.

The remainder of this week should also be interesting. During the breakfast show today somebody will win a holiday as part of 2CC’s “Cash and Holiday Mania” competition…I’m not in the draw as I opted to take the $100…that was before they told me I would have to wait until after the competition for the cheque to be mailed to me.

On the drive show, the proposed Tralee housing precinct will be the focus of a debate between someone from Canberra Airport (opposed to houses at Tralee), and somebody from the Villiage Building Company (wanting to build at Tralee). It will be an ad-free half hour and it should be an interesting debate…pity I can’t remember the names or the exact time. I can remember one of the names, but it would be very unfair of me to name one person and not the other.

Looking ahead to Friday night, and 2CC will broadcast their first Friday night NRL match, it will be live (sourced from 2GB) and will, as usual, be much better than the Channel Nine coverage. If you plan on watching the NRL on Friday night, mute the TV and turn on 2CC.

That reminds me, my (not to be trusted) footy tips start again this week…I’ll either put them online on Thursday or Friday morning.

Also, I’ve received a few emails about the radio reviews…I have a whole heap of recorded review periods to review, with the final one in the first round due to be recorded today. I will suspend further recordings until next week when the ratings period is over, and I will endeavour to get as many reviews done as possible in the interim.


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#1 Comment By Bearded Clam On March 12, 2007 @ 3:44 pm

Have you thought what you will do with the hundred bigboys?

#2 Comment By Samuel On March 12, 2007 @ 10:26 pm

I have given it some thought, but haven’t come to any conclusions.

#3 Comment By John_Barnes On March 13, 2007 @ 4:33 pm

The ‘Tralee discussion’ achieved absolutely nothing !

#4 Comment By Bearded Clam On March 13, 2007 @ 11:24 pm

What are your options for the bigboys, Sam? Tell us!