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Sidebar Shenanigans

Last week I mentioned that Internet Explorer 6 was not rendering [1] this website correctly. This is not an uncommon problem with WordPress blogs, but is by no means confined to them, they are just more likely to have the problem as they generally employ a column style layout with a sidebar.

Unfortunately Internet Explorer 6 (and previous versions) doesn’t handle overlapping columns, so whenever things in the main column stretch over in to the sidebar, Internet Explorer 6 decides that it doesn’t like things overlapping, and moves the sidebar to the same spot horizontally, just below the main content column. This happened last week (and for part of the week before) when I wrote an article with a very long title [2]. That length of title isn’t a problem, but when it is all one word it is.

There is no solution to this problem as IE6 is a standards-ignorant browser, but there are workarounds, one is that I could ensure that nothing overlaps, and that’s not going to happen and wouldn’t help with other sites anyway, the other is that you don’t use Internet Explorer 6 and earlier…IE7 [3], Firefox [4], Opera [5] and Safari [6] don’t have the problem, and are all better from a security standpoint than IE6 anyway.