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Jones for Jail?

Sydney radio station 2GB’s Alan Jones could face up to $5500 in fines and a year in jail next month when he is sentenced for naming a child witness involved in a murder trial.

The Daily Telegraph and 2GB’s parent company Harbour Radio also face the prospect of a $5500 fine.

Jones has been found guilty of illegally naming a juvenile involved in a court case when he read out a Daily Telegraph article which named the witness in July 2005. Deputy Chief Magistrate Helen Syme rejected Jones’ defence that he thought the Daily Telegraph had permission to name the witness.

Radioinfo is reporting that between Alan Jones and Ray Hadley, Harbour Radio are facing more than a dozen court cases.

Unfortunately, due to the way some people on here like to carry on whenever Alan Jones is mentioned, plus the fact that this is still before the courts, comments will not be enabled for this article. You can, however, submit comments for approval by emailing them to me.