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Monday Morning’s Storm

In the wee hours of Monday morning there was a rather noisy storm with a fair bit of rain in Canberra. Nattie was not impressed and decided to take up residence under my bed.

The storm vaguely woke me up and I had half a dream about Paul Makin (who was on the radio at the time) getting out the buckets to save the water and being overrun by rabbits and dogs (he was talking about Chinese astrology on the radio) before an incredibly loud, nearby thunderclap woke me up, and got Nattie barking.

I invited Nattie up on to the bed and gave her a little cuddle and decided to let her sleep with me during the storm. She seemed quite pleased with that deal and slept with me for the rest of the night.

The rain, whilst very heavy, didn’t seem to last for long, which is a pity because we could really use some drenching rain. Storms and rain are predicted all week, hopefully at least one of them brings a good sustained downpour.