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Expensive Drama!

The dream starts with me walking up to a reception desk, the receptionist starts yelling that the quote will be ready when it is ready and escorts me out of the office…so I find a different way into the building, via a side entrance. After I enter the receptionist appears with a piece of paper, which just happens to be the quote to get my car serviced…$3,219.72…I try to explain that I no longer want the service and will take the car elsewhere for a second opinion, but can only utter words such as “wait”, “but” and “hang on” before I am pushed out of the building once again by the receptionist.

Knowing that I need to stop the servicing before it starts I find another side entrance and visit the manageress who calls “Tim” the service man and arranges for me to retrieve my car, I then turn around and spot 2UE’s John Stanley standing in the middle of the corridor, about to re-enter a small room where he is running his show from. We briefly say hello before I watch him go back into the room and finish his show for the day.

The dream then ends.