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Coal Mine in Waramanga

I don’t know why my dreams of Waramanga always make it look like a dark and gloomy suburb, especially seeing as it has always been quite nice in my experience.

This dream starts off underground in a dingy and dusty room, whilst I am apparently in a coal mine, I am sitting at a desk. It’s time for my 15 minute break, so I decide that I would like to stretch my legs and go a for a walk around Waramanga.

About ten minutes later I have almost finished my walk and decide to go back inside, only to encounter a large grizzly bear on the path back to the mine. I turn around and run, the bear chases me until I pass a fence labelled “Bear territory, keep out”.

I then decide to enter the mine via the back entrance, but to do so I have to traipse through a large dark forest…I do so, following a dusty path, then I meet another grizzly bear…I start running and keep running until I trip down the entrance path to the mine. I land at the feet of (someone who is apparently) my boss. It seems that I’ve been gone for about 50 minutes and a security team have been assembled to search for me, whilst warning lights and sirens are in operation due to the coal mine having a “missing person”. My boss calls off the search and I return to my desk.


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#1 Comment By Bearded Clam On February 7, 2007 @ 11:39 am

“I then decide to enter the mine via the back entrance”

People try and enter mine by the back entrance too. It gets a little annoying.