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A few little additions…

Over the last week or so I’ve added a few features to the website.

First up is a search box which you can find on the sidebar. By default it will search this website, but you can quite easily search the web with it as well. This is something I had on the old site [1] but never bothered to bring across to this site. I finally got around to doing it (and had to mess with the HTML Google provided in order to do it). Incidentally, that text box in the yellow section at the top of the page is also a search of sorts…but it only searches articles and does a pretty poor job of it. The Google search in the sidebar searches the whole website.

Second, each article’s page now contains a “print” link. Not long after setting up this website I did a bit of work to make the printouts a bit nicer as they originally printed out the whole sidebar and a lot of other excess crud, as a result printouts from this website are pretty clean and straightforward. However, the thing that really annoys me about website printouts is that you have no way of knowing where the links point to, and if the URL is a long one it gets chopped off. The “print” link on each article solves this problem by creating a print friendly version of the article which makes a note of the full URL, and where all the links go. I think it makes the printouts a bit better, but it’s entirely up to you which one you use.

Thirdly, I’ve recently had some pretty poor experiences with both YouTube and Google Video, the former managing to lose a video immediately after telling me it had been uploaded successfully, and the latter taking the better part of two hours to “approve” my recent video [2] about the hot air balloon and the AirServices Australia building. As such I have installed a flash video player on this website. My videos are no longer at the mercy of third parties, and hosting them here is much better for archival purposes (such as PANDORA [3]). Here is my new, local version of my most recent rain video [4].

I’m still playing with various settings for the flash video player, so your feedback is appreciated.


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#1 Comment By Bearded Clam On February 7, 2007 @ 11:43 am

Thats an awesome video. Did you use any digital editing to create such a masterpiece?