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Weatherzone Offline

As three people have now informed me by email, the weather information normally seen on the right of the home page of this blog is currently not appearing. Weatherzone, the people who provide this service, currently have the following message on their home page [1]:

Saturday 11:42 EDT
Due to a catastrophic hardware failure Weatherzone is temporarily offline.
Our technical staff are working to correct the problem.
We apologise for any inconvenience.

Hopefully they will be back online shortly…in the meantime the Bureau of Meteorology says it is currently 30.3°c in Canberra, which is in excess of the expected maximum of 29°c, and we are in for a shower or two. The wind is coming from a North-westerly direction at 20km/h.

I do not intend on providing further “current” weather reports, although I might provide a forecast if the Weatherzone service does not come back online soon.