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Bocking to replace Zemanek?

One of my more credible sources has sent through a list of the changes they believe we will see overnight on 2UE shortly…I’m not convinced that it’s correct, but there are probably a couple correct details in there.

My source seems to think that Stuart Bocking will take over Stan Zemanek’s 8pm-midnight shift, and Rachel Friend (who co-hosted Stan’s shift with Stuart last night as they filled in for Glenn Wheeler) will get weekday New Day Australia. My source also thinks John Kerr will be relieved of all fill-in responsibilities, with Clive Robertson taking over as primary New Day fill-in.

Glenn Wheeler will remain as the fill-in for the 8pm-Midnight shift, but Clive Robertson will fill-in when Glenn can’t make it.

Clinton Maynard would be the secondary fill-in for New Day.