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John Stanley on 3AW Football

Amongst my recent batch of weird dreams is one I had a few nights ago where John Stanley returned from holidays to find that his afternoon show had been cancelled as 2UE decided to stay with their summer format all year. As such John moved to Melbourne where he joined 3AW’s AFL commentary team, who it would seem lost most of their commentators to Channel Seven.

John, unfortunately, was clueless, and was quite possibly the worst AFL commentator in recorded history…he was so bad that co-commentator Garry Lyon (who didn’t defect to Seven) couldn’t stop laughing, which really didn’t help as John really couldn’t explain a thing which was happening, and ended up chatting with Sue Dodd from the Sydney Markets about fruit and vegetables.

Rex Hunt then excused himself from commentating for Channel Seven and kicked John all the way back to Sydney and took over the AFL, to the delight of all of Melbourne. Either it took John a long time to get to Sydney, or there was a strange timezone fault happening, because he landed in the studio at 2UE just as his weekday afternoon show was starting.