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Humphrey will not be shown at the time he is never shown at

If Win Television are running on time today, we should see the daily “Hey kids, due to the cricket Humphrey won’t be seen at this time today, but will be on at the special time of 9am tomorrow” message around about now (3:30pm).

Considering that Humphrey normally screens at 10:30am after Kerri-Anne (correction, 9am instead of Kerri Anne during summer), it has been mildly odd seeing that message at 3:30 in the afternoon for the last couple days (even before the cricket, during the repeat of Carols By Candlelight on Monday). The foibles of automation are fun to watch and hear.

For the record, Humphrey will be seen at 9am until the conclusion of the fifth Ashes cricket test. I will be taking the opportunity to catch a few episodes.