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Belconnen American Tornado

I’ve had quite a few dreams recently, so I am presenting one each standard weekday until I run out of dreams, and as I think about them, driving, theft and police seem to be recurring themes, which is mildly distrubing.

In this particular dream I am driving a car on a road which looks an awful lot like Kingsford Smith Drive in the Belconnen area and I see something up ahead, a few seconds later it becomes obvious what the “thing” is…a tornado, small enough to fit on one side of the road, but powerful enough to hold the car back. After a few moments the tornado dissipates and I continue along my way, until I hit another tornado, which has much the same effect, except that when it ends I get out of the car and look at a large road sign to see where I am.

The sign says that I am about halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco (my apparent destination), and apparently I am 90 “m” from San Francisco…I break into a panic trying to work out what this “m” could be, thinking that it might take me all week to get there and I only have two hours, after a while it becomes obvious that it means “minutes”, and quite relieved I continue on my way…it would appear that for the purposes of this dream, Americans drive on the left hand side of the road.