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Samuel’s Blog: Part of Canberra’s “Weird” Quota

I see that Johnboy of RiotACT fame has decided that this blog is part of Canberra’s “weird” contribution to the blogosphere [1]…to be quite honest, I’m flattered, and I would be tempted to replace “It’s just not normal” if I wasn’t one of five Canberra bloggers apparently “pumping all the weird into the blogosphere”.

I’ve always been a little bit odd, and it seems that those who didn’t like the fact that I’m not quite the same as everyone else, have backed off a bit, and seen the good side to my quirks and differences. “Weird” is, in reality, a bit of a fun complement…the opposite of which being “normal”, something which nobody to date has been able to define with any degree of authority.

However, and I really didn’t want to push this war of words along, John B1_B5 is not impressed [2] with being declared one of Canberra’s weirdest, and has hit back at Johnboy and The RiotACT…according to John B1_B5, The RiotACT is “The most boring site on the Internet”, Johnboy has “no idea how utterly BORING his postings are” and his postings are often “highly inaccurate and poorly researched”.

Quite clearly, John B1_B5 is not impressed, and is really flying off the handle in disgust at the moment. It is rather interesting though that, after calling Johnboy’s article “highly inaccurate and poorly researched”, John B1_B5 went on to say:

never let the facts get in the way of a “good story” by this Commonwealth Public
Servant, who seems to devote a large amount of time posting stuff on his
private website during Public Service working hours .

OK, now who’s highly inaccurate and poorly researched? Johnboy used to work at Parliament House in the press gallery for a private company…he is now doing similar work from home on The Concatenate [3]…at least since I’ve been reading RiotACT (April 2005) Johnboy has not been working for the public service…maybe before that, but I wouldn’t know about that.

Both Johns are quite entitled to their opinions, and it is of little concern to me what they think of each other, but if sanity is to prevail here, I would expect Johnboy to ignore John B1_B5’s bizarre retort.

Moving back to Samuel’s Blog for a moment, just for prosperity, here is what Johnboy wrote:

Samuel Gordon Stewart who’s blog would be less remarkable if he was 50 years older, and is currently (as near as I can make out) blogging statements he was hoping to make on talk-back radio.

Well, close, copies of emails I sent to Tim Webster…I missed bits of the show so I don’t know if he read either email out or not…it’s also interesting to note that on RiotACT, my name has been unhyphenated by Johnboy for over a week…oh well, all a bit of fun I suppose!


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#1 Comment By Roger Mellie On October 7, 2006 @ 9:22 am

I think some of the folk that post on the riot act are queer.

#2 Comment By Loki On October 8, 2006 @ 9:12 pm

If Johnboy can’t even correctly hyphenate your name, well, how credible is the man.

I thought you reacted very gracously to his feeble attempt to reignite the famous feud between you.

That said, John has definitely been chowing out on the angry pills … I would like to contribute something to his blog, but he insisting on gold or silver membership of another site, which I think is a very odd precursor.

#3 Comment By Colonel Moodus On October 10, 2006 @ 11:57 am

Coming from a tin-plated member, I have to agree that Johnboy has been on the warpath lately. His glass megaphone has been blaring and heaven help anyone who stands in his way!

#4 Comment By Loki On October 11, 2006 @ 9:40 pm

Sorry Colonel, I was commenting on the blogger formerly known as John B1_B5, not Johnboy, who seems intent on fanning the flames of his feud with Samuel with infammatory posts and his flagrant disregard of hyphenage.

I must say, we (as in John Barnes/Brock) had some very odd exchanges, and after perusing the archives of this site I see that some members have been subjected to death threats and forced to go in to hiding.

I was on the verge of making a dramatic exit when Samuel stepped in and defused the situation.