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Talkback Emails

Every now and then I send an email to a talkback radio presenter for inclusion in their program (for those not familiar with the concept, many talkback radio shows encourage listeners to send emails, as well as ring in) and as such I have decided that I will now post these emails on this website, in a new category titled “Talkback Emails”.

If I remember, this will be acheived by sending a copy of the email to a secret email address as a bcc (blind carbon copy) recipient…this should enable the email to appear automatically within moments of me sending the email. If I forget to send the copy of the email, I can quite easily copy the email in later.

This will not be a comprehensive effort, so some emails will not be included, and any email with “not-for-air” portions will either be edited before appearing, or will not appear at all.

Some of these emails contain the framework for future posts, and other contain opinions that either do not merit their own article, or I simply don’t get around to writing about. This should also improve the frequency of posts here…assuming that I send enough emails to talkback presenters!