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Section 84 Update

Later this week I’ll be completing another photographic tour of the Section 84 developments, but before I do that, I have some interesting information. It would appear that the Canberra Centre section of the developments are nearing completion, and various stores are moving in, and having utilities set up.

I have it on good authority that JB Hifi will be moving from their current location near the Civic Bus Interchange, into a new store in the Section 84 developments.

Also, it would appear that the stores in the City Markets will start moving into the new section in September or October.

Also, those of you who happen to use the Canberra Centre car park, you might like to know that the main office on level one, above the City Markets, has moved about twenty metres. The move was completed over the weekend.

Stay tuned, more information and photos are coming a bit later in the week.