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Middle East Conflict

It has certainly been interesting to watch the latest middle east crisis develop on the news from all the way over here in Australia, but it is even more interesting to here directly from people in the middle of it all over in Israel.

This week’s You Are The Guest podcast (episode 49) [1] is an absolute “must listen” for anybody who wants a better understanding of the current conflict, or just wants to hear about what’s happening from people who are right there on the spot, and have lived there for many years.

This week Bill Grady interviews Charley and Carol from Israelisms Podcast [2], and it is compelling listening. If you listen carefully you can hear some fighter jets flying overhead around the 26 minute mark.

The show notes from Bill Grady:

Charley and Carol from Israelisms Podcast are back and give us an amazing insight to what is going on in Israel during the current war with Hezbollah. You’ll find out what your not seeing when you watch the American and international news networks, who’s is covering the war the best and who is the worst. Charley and Carol also describe how worthless the U.N. is, what everyday life is like since the war started, how they see the connection between Hezbollah, Syria and Iran, and why you shouldn’t be considered a civilian if you have bombs in your basement. Charley and Carol also have a special message for Americans and to our listeners around the world. Charley and Carol ask me what is my favorite rock group of all-time, what daytime talk show host I would like to interview, and who I thought did the best news interviews.

Download episode [1] | Visit YouAreTheGuest.com [3] | Visit Israelisms.com [2]