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But I know they’re here!

A couple nightsa go I had a dream that I was out the front of the ACTTAB headquarters in Dickson…I saw 2CC presenter Mike Frame’s car parked out the front and decided that, seeing as Mike was there and ex-2CC presenter Kevin Woolfe works for ACTTAB these days, I would go in to the office and pay them a visit.

I went in the front doors and up some stairs, after which I was standing at a reception desk, behind the desk was a large open plan office where a lot of people appeared to be having a celebration of some sort. A lady came over to the desk and informed me that Kevin and Mike were in a meeting, so I left, only to find that the street I walked out on to was Bunda Street in Civic, a few kilometres away from the street that I walked in from…and I went out the same door…