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Stargate SG1 Returns to Channel 7 Tonight at 11pm

During my perusal of the local television guide I noticed that Channel Seven are bring Stargate SG1 back to Australian screens, starting tonight at 11pm. This will be series nine of SG1.

Oddly enough, despite Stargate SG1 series nine and Stargate Atlantis series two being run in tandem on US television (and presumably linking story lines somewhere along the way…much like the previous series’), the two shows will not be shown in tandem in Australia. This means that Australian viewers will have to continue to wait for the conclusion of the three-episode, dual-series cliffhanger ending to series one of Stargate Atlantis.

None the less, it is good to have Stargate back, and I’m looking forward to SG1 series nine.

By the way, 11pm is the time for Canberra and Sydney, others areas are likely to be the same, but check your local television guide for details. Next week SG1 is scheduled to start at 11:20pm due to the preceeding program running longer than usual.