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How Much Is That Banana In The Window?

The other night I had a very peculiar dream about bananas…it went something like this.

I was standing out the front of the fruit shop in the City Markets watching a fruit shop employee change the sign above the bananas from “$100 per kg” to “$200 per banana”. Mike Jeffreys was nearby talking to people about how the price of bananas is skyrocketing, I walked home listening to Mike talk to people on the radio about bananas when I had a preminition that the price would fall sharply the next day, I rang Mike to tell him about this.

Anyway, the next day came and I was standing outside the fruit shop again and a fruit shop employee changed the sign above the bananas from “$200 per banana” to “$0.05 per kg…buy one banana and get five free” (exactly how that offer would work in practice is mildly confusing, but this was a dream). Mike Jeffreys was there again, but this time he had a newspaper in his hand with the headline “banana price plummetts”. Mike was also interviewing the banana delivery truck driver who was saying something about a new banana field being found overnight with millions of bananas.

The dream then ended.

If any interpretation could possibly be placed upon this odd dream, it could be that I am having a preminition about Mike Jeffreys returning to work from his sick leave (although hopefully not talking about bananas all the time).