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Samuel’s Footy Tips

This week the NRL has a shorter round to accomodate for the State Of Origin in the middle of the following week. I’ve never understood this as the State Of Origin teams are selected based on the best performers from this year, but the teams that get a week off are drawn up in the schedule the year before the competition. In my view it should be all the teams getting the week off, or none of the teams getting a week off.

These occasional shorter rounds and the fact that the AFL and NRL have a different number of matches, are both the reasons that I opted to use a percentage based scoring system rather than a “number of correctly tipped matches” system.

Anyway, on with the tips.

NRL Round 11
Roosters V Rabbitohs
Knights V Raiders
Warriors V Tigers
Bulldogs V Sharks
Sea Eagles V Storm
Panthers V Eels

AFL Round 8
Hawks V Demons
Tigers V Crows
Dockers V Kangaroos
Magpies V Cats
Bulldogs V Swans
Power V Lions
Blues V Saints
Bombers V Eagles