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John Kerr fills in for Stuart Bocking

Yesterday (Thursday) morning John Kerr filled in for Stuart Bocking (who had been filling in for Stan Zemanek, a job normally carried out by Glenn Wheeler).

It was certainly nice to hear John exercising his vocal cords on a weekday morning for a change, and it prompted a lot of people to ring in reminiscing about John’s old weekday shift. A lot of people were also momentarily confused and thought it was a Saturday morning when John came on the air…not me though, my initial thought was “Stuart sounds a bit croaky this morning”, a few seconds later I worked out the voice. I suppose if I had been listening at the start of the show I would taken notice of John’s intro and known that John was on.

The upshot of all of this is that John has confirmed that he is the presenter who fills in for Stuart, which should be interesting if and when Stuart takes holidays. The question remains as to who John’s fill-in is, my money is on Spencer Kirk who has previously filled in on the weekend version of New Day.