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Samuel on radio in Los Angeles?

Yes you read the title correctly, but no I can’t confirm that it will happen.

I intend on giving Leo Laporte a call in the morning for his Saturday “KFI Tech Guy” show (11am Saturday L.A. time, 7pm Saturday GMT, 6am Sunday Canberra time). I intend on making use of Skype for the call which, due to the fact it is a US free call number, will be a free call on Skype with the “Skype Out” service (the Skype service which lets you call standard telephone numbers extremely cheaply…no more expensive international calls). I intend on calling as close to 6am Canberra time as possible.

I have two topics to raise with Leo, but I won’t be divulging them yet, I would much rather keep them a secret until the morning.

If you’re awake and want to hear, just go to http://kfi640.com [1] and click the “Listen Live” link. If I am able to get through, which I should be able to, then I will inform you when Leo has released the episode as a podcast (minus the ads, news and traffic), which he seems to do a few weeks after the show airs.