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A dream of a bad day

I had a very odd dream the other night, it started off with me in some meeting room where two people were telling me that I wasn’t allowed to sing ever again, I tried to contest the issue, but they handed me a copy of a new law preventing me from singing.

After this I went to wash my hands, I went into a strange dingy little public bathroom and washed my hands, but while I was drying them some angry thug came along and picked me up and tied me to a pylon, the building’s security staff came and took the thug away but left me tied to the pylon. The rope disappeared quite suddenly and I fell to the floor.

After that ordeal (and finishing washing my hands), I went outside and caught a bus, it was a school bus, and for some reason it was filled with people who were (apparently) from my year three class, including my year three teacher, Mrs. Sue Amundsen. I was sitting in the seat right behind the back door, and the bus was travelling down a street when it hit and knocked over a truck at an intersection. The driver of the bus pulled over a bit further down the road and Mrs. Amundsen and the driver got out to see if the truck driver was alright. I also got out and had a bit of a tantrum about the bad day I was having, so Mrs. Amundsen came over and told me I was being naughty and would have “R and R” (the name for detention at Ainslie Primary School [1]…I can’t remember what it stood for) for the rest of the week.

At that point the dream ended.

This could be an interesting one for you to try and interpret, I know a lot of you enjoy doing that.