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We’re keeping the webmaster busy…

2UE certainly are keeping the webmaster busy, once again the schedule has changed, this time breakfast is the victim of a 2UE movement.

Mike Carlton will be joined by his fill-in, Peter FitzSimons, for a two person breakfast show starting Monday. Talk duos seem to rate well, although I can’t stand them, and I can’t personally see this duo gaining much, if any, ground on 2GB’s Alan Jones.

Meanwhile 2UE’s website is reporting that Dugald Saunders is hosting the night show tonight, possibly filling in for Mike Williams, or maybe not…who knows? The schedule at that station is a solid as a water roof…it just keeps splashing all over the place.

Also on the 2UE website, John Mangos is listed as on air now despite the fact that the schedule below it shows Glenn Wheeler being on now, and my radio confirming Glenn’s on-airness.

Maybe Lawsie should get The Cuckoo’s Nest to write a song about 2UE schedules, and then hope he doesn’t get moved to 7:36am-2:49pm…