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The Weekend

As some of you have noticed, I have been absent for close to 48 hours, so what I will try to do now is explain my weekend.

I will start with Saturday at 12:03am, which is when I picked up the phone and dialled 13 13 32 for the first time in nearly a month, so that I could have a chat with John Kerr and welcome him back from his holiday. John’s new producer Robin (possible Robyn) answered the phone and posed the usual name, city & topic questions, followed by a “You’re not going to mention the change to weekends are you?” question. That removed about a quarter of my subject matter, and meant I would have to think carefully about how to request that John resume playing “Good morning” from “Singin’ In The Rain” as his show ending song. John had previously played this when his weekday show finished at 5am, but stopped playing it when his show was extended to 5:30 as a news replacement of sorts as he no longer had time to play it.

I eventually had a chat with John at about 1:20, during which he mentioned that some of 2UE’s news staff mentioned this website to him. I would like to take this opportunity to say hello to everyone in the newsroom at 2UE, thanks for reading, I hope you’re enjoying it! While I’m at it, hello to the 2GB newsroom, we have had at least one person from there register here, and a special hello to 2GB newsreader Rowan Barker who is returning to work on the 6th of February after being stabbed last year.

Just before 1:30 I went to bed, but didn’t fall asleep for about two hours due to the heat, this gave me plenty of time to listen to John’s show.

I got up again at about 9am and had breakfast before doing some household duties (including Nattie’s walk), had a coffee and then started my work with Australian Independent Radio News [1]. I had lunch around 1:30 and finished working around 4:30, at which time I took Nattie for an evening walk, before having a cup of tea and a nap.

I got up again at 7:30 and watched My Family on the ABC, followed by Hardware, and then The Green Mile on Prime. This finished just before 12:30, so I heard Simon & Dale (John Kerr’s movie reviewers) singing their intro, and then had a shower and went to bed. It was close to 3am when I fell asleep.

At 5:30 my alarm went off, but I was too tired to stay up for half an hour to hear “Good Morning”, so I went back to sleep, and didn’t wake up until about 1:30, when I had breakfast. It was far too hot to take Nattie for a walk by this stage, and she was quite happy laying in front of various fans in the house. I stripped my bed and placed the sheets in the washing basket, but the vacuum cleaner was being used elsewhere in the house, so I couldn’t vacuum the bed before making it again. Instead I folded up some clothes that had recently been washed and put them in the cupboard. It was close to 3:30 when I had a small lunch, after which I made my bed and then sat down for a cup of coffee. After this I prepared to go down the street to fetch some groceries (it is usually my turn to get groceries on Sunday), whilst my parents and Nattie watched “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”.

My intention now is to take Nattie for a walk, have dinner, prepare my Musician(s) Of The Week award, setup a timer recording of Water Rats (4am, Win TV, Weekly on Monday), watch some cricket and tennis and attempt to go to bed and fall asleep so that I can wake up early in the morning and hopefully watch Humphrey, followed by my recording of Water Rats. This may be an issue as this will make me miss Lawsie’s return from holidays, so I might record Humphrey instead of watching him live.

On Wednesday I will be making my way to the local CIT [2] campus for one of the direct enrolment sessions. More details closer to the date.

Nattie is waiting for me, so I better take her for her walkies.


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#1 Comment By Chuck Berry On January 29, 2006 @ 11:33 pm

Goolly gosh a thought Ronnie Barker died last year. Good to hear he is coming back to 2GB.

Nattie gets lots of walks. She sure is a lucky dog.

#2 Comment By Samuel On January 29, 2006 @ 11:46 pm

Ronnie Barker (the British entertainer) did pass away last year from heart problems, he was aged 76.

I was referring to Rowan Barker, the Sydney newsreader who was stabbed at random last year and was the focus of intense media coverage for about a week afterwards, this may have been confined to New South Wales.

Nattie certainly is lucky, which reminds me that it is now the Chinese year of the dog!

#3 Comment By Chuck Berry On January 30, 2006 @ 12:10 am

I stand corrected. The Rowan Barker incident, unfortunate as it was, must have been around the same time when Ronnie Barker passed and I got the two mixed up. Apologies to both. One can only hope that the porridge in the hospital aided in Rowans speedy recovery.

#4 Comment By heatseeker On January 30, 2006 @ 6:12 am

Is Rowan now in raio? When did he stop doing Mr Bean? Was he stabbed by a stalker?

#5 Comment By heatseeker On January 30, 2006 @ 6:14 am

Sorry, I mean radio.

#6 Comment By Chuck Berry On January 30, 2006 @ 11:38 pm

I would like to hear Humprey on radio!

#7 Comment By cunninglinguist On January 31, 2006 @ 8:39 pm

I’ve met Humphrey so ner ner ner

#8 Comment By jam tart On January 31, 2006 @ 10:02 pm

Hey Samuel, may I ask which course you are going to enrol in?

#9 Comment By Kooky_Pound_Puppy On January 31, 2006 @ 11:06 pm

why do you moderate my every comment

#10 Comment By Samuel On January 31, 2006 @ 11:13 pm

Actually, all comments from everyone are being moderated at the moment. It is the only way I can keep an eye on them with this volume.

I am slightly paranoid about defamatory comments etc, not that I expect that people will post them, but I just need to keep an eye on things to make sure that people don’t take things the wrong way.

Nothing personal, just in the interest of keeping the site online.