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The Number One Reason Not To Do An Outside Broadcast

I can sum that up in one word…”lunatics” (for those that keep emailing me saying it’s “loonatics”, that’s a movie, not a word!).

Take 2UE’s OB at The Domain in Sydney for example. 2UE generally have enclosed studios for every OB, which is lucky as somebody could have been seriously hurt if they didn’t. I’ll let a Sydney listener, Madcat from USENET Aus.Radio.broadcast explain what happened [1]:

I was just listeening to 2UE just after 1pm Saturday, and they are
doing their “Find Me A Home” program as an OB from The Domain in

Some woman started banging on the glass window telling them to “turn
it down”. They told her to stop, as she’d break the glass. She did
for a few moments.

Then she started up again…constantly and hard – BANG BANG BANG BANG.
And it really did sound like the window would shatter.

The real esate guy adn the host got all flustered, and mentioned that
they would have to get the police.

(Verbatim copy, errors were in original text).

Poor Monica Trapaga, her first day filling in for Glenn Wheeler and she gets a visit from a lunatic. If this person had wanted to have the speaker volume turned down, you would think she could have asked one of the 2UE staff, there seemed to be plenty there (including weekday afternoon presenter John Stanley). I don’t think I’ve seen a single OB that didn’t have non-presenting station staff all over the place.

Canberra only get 2pm to 6pm of Glenn’s (Monica’s) show on a Saturday, but the bits I heard did sound like Monica got a bit of a shock from that drama and needed a break. To her credit she continued with the show, and it was undoubtedly a coup for 2UE having Monica at an OB, but it did seem quite clear that she was shaken up by the whole event. I hope that 2UE have the courtesy to give her tomorrow off if she needs it.