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Great suggestion now implemented

I received an email from “Melanie” earlier in the week, she had a great idea.

Long time listener first time caller. I’ve been trying to read through your archives, but I find myself giving up after one or two entries, because you have no links to the next entry from the current entry. I’m not sure how simple this would be to implement, but I think it would make newer readers, who are looking to delve into your back catalogue, a bit happier.

Well, I’m pleased to say that this has now been implemented. Every post page now contains a link to the next and previous post, for example, here is what it look like on Coffee Filled With Lovely Antioxidants [1], from August 29, 2005.

Next and Previous navigation preview

As I said to Melanie in a reply, this will make it much easier to fix up all of those old posts from the old blogger.com site.