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Cooking with Samuel

Finally, a dream which doesn’t involve theft, driving, weather, or police…this one is just weird.

I’m in a television studio wearing a chef’s uniform, a countdown begins…”5, 4, 3, 2…”, music starts, a voiceover announcing “Cooking with Samuel”, the audience starts an applause and then I welcome everyone to the show and announce the recipe of the day…”Curried Pineapples”.

There is a large vague section of the dream where I seem to do an awful lot with various cooking implements, and then the finished product floats out of the oven and over to the “lucky” audience member who won the daily lucky seat prize and gets to be on the show, eating the daily recipe.

The excited audience member gets a large chunk of curried pineapple on her fork and starts to eat it, suddenly the expression on her face changes from one of glee to one of horror, which is quickly followed by her making noises of disgust at the horrid food before passing out, at which point the dream ends.

On reflection, perhaps this is another police dream, I just didn’t get to see the bit where I get arrested for murdering the audience member with bad food.