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A John Kerr Update

Word is circulating that 2UE management have asked John Kerr in for a meeting on Wednesday January 18. As yet it is unclear what this meeting is going to be about, but with the sheer amount of complaints 2UE have been receiving over their move of John to weekends, it wouldn’t surprise me, or others, if they are going to discuss reversing the decision.

On that note, it isn’t too late to help, sign the petition [1], ring 2UE on (02) 9954 9930, or write a letter to:

The Station Manager
Radio 2UE
PO Box 954
St Leonards NSW 1590

All assistance is greatly appreciated.

For more info on the John Kerr saga, see here [2].


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#1 Comment By Tony On January 8, 2006 @ 4:47 am

I agree with you Sam about John, but the simple thing is mate, I don’t want to do anything that might get John sacked.
So if John is doing the weekends I think we owe it to him to support him to the hilt in this new venture.
John Kerr is a bloody good host and if 2ue fails to see it bigger fool them.
I like John
I trust John
I’d rather have John On weekends then not at all.
Cheers Sam, Tony in Brisbane.

#2 Comment By Samuel On January 8, 2006 @ 12:12 pm

Hi Tony,
I don’t think any of John’s listeners wants him sacked, but I think it is important that 2UE recognise that they are making a bad decision, whether they do anything about that is up to them, and I will listen to John regardless of where he is, but if he is on weekends then I will boycot weekdays on principle.