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Mike Jeffreys Goes On Holidays

As 2CC listeners would know, Mike Jeffreys is now on holidays for four weeks, he will return on Monday, January 9 if all goes to plan.

At this stage I am led to believe that Mike Welsh will fill in for Mike Jeffreys on the breakfast show in the coming week, and Mike Frame will fill in for Mike Welsh on the drive show. Mike Welsh is taking the week off between Christmas and New Year, I have no idea what will happen during that week or the weeks after, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear the voices of Mike Frame, Kevin Woolfe and Leigh Zaghet running various shows.

This morning a number of people rang in to wish Mike Jeffreys a merry christmas and a happy new year, I was going to, but only had 80 cents of mobile credit, and left a message for him instead (Thankyou to Kim for passing that on).