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When you’re half asleep

One thing I’ve noticed is that, when you’re half asleep, just about everything makes perfect sense. Last night, whilst half asleep I was thinking about this, and trying to think of one of the many examples of such mind behaviour, however I failed, a decided to make up an example of something that woul makes sense when you’re half asleep, I came up with a scenario where someone might need more floor space in their bedroom, so the obvious and logical thing to do would be to move the bed onto the ceiling.

From this point I started thinking about how one would go about doing that, and coming to the conclusion that my bed is tucked in best at the foot of the bed, I would possibly end up hanging upside down from feet, then I woke up a bit and realised that this simply wouldn’t happen because the mattress is not fixed to the bed, so I started thinking about strapping the matress and associated sheets and blankets to the bed, which would also sove the falling out of the bed problem. This morning when I reflected on this I realised that, rather than attaching the bed to the ceiling upside down, it would make more sense to attach it the right way up, which would mean that nobody would fall out, although you would want to have a strong ceiling.

I think I might keep my bed on the floor!