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George Gibson gone from 2UE

This is taking the changes too far, George Gibson has been replaced by Stuart Bocking.

Regular readers may remember that in June I reported that there were rumors flying [1] about Stuart Bocking taking over the weekday version New Day Australia from John Kerr, whilst what would happen to John Kerr was unclear. Fortunately this didn’t happen, but it looks like there was some truth to the rumors as Stuart Bocking has taken over the weekend version of the show.

For those who are wondering about the fate of George Gibson, I don’t know, but I will endeavour to find out.

Back in June I did say (perhaps not on this site) that I didn’t think Stuart would suit middawn where lengthy conversations are normal, and listening to some of his show this morning, I would have to say I think I was right…maybe he will adapt, but he is no George Gibson, he doesn’t have the same level personality and he doesn’t have the same fun demeanour. I hope he will adapt as I like middawn talk programs.

Just like last week’s surprise changes at 2UE [2], this change was a complete surprise, with listeners given no warning that George was going. This is very poor form 2UE, you are treating your listeners with contempt, and if you keep playing games of Schedule Scrabble you will lose an awful lot of listeners to stations like 2GB who seem to be able to maintain a schedule for more than one moon phase.


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#1 Comment By John B1_B5 On November 12, 2005 @ 6:31 pm

What happened to Murray Olds ?

#2 Comment By Samuel On November 12, 2005 @ 6:39 pm

Murray Olds, unlike George Gibson, still has a profile page on the 2UE website (which can be viewed [7]), I think he is acting as a fill-in presenter…I don’t think his regular studio guests would have been pleased about his show disappearing last week.