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Farewell George

As you may recall, on the weekend I reported that George Gibson had been replaced by Stuart Bocking on 2UE’s New Day Australia, I also said that I would endeavour to find out what happened to George.

It turns out that I jumped on 2UE management prematurely. Given the recent changes at 2UE and the “no notice given” approach which was used for Stuart Bocking taking over the show, I was under the impression that George had been dumped by the station. Fortunately this is not the case, George retired after becoming a grandfather for the (1st?/2nd?) time. George may return to radio in the future, but after nearly 15 years at 2UE and even longer elsewhere, he has called it a day.

John Kerr presented a rather moving tribute to George Gibson this morning.

My sincere apoligies to 2UE management if I have caused any undue concern or criticism. I take it that Stuart has wanted to do the overnight show for a while, so good luck to him, I’m sure he will settle in and do a good job.

Best of luck George Gibson, at least you don’t have to go home and have reheated pizza for breakfast any more!