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Christmas Cupboards

I think it’s time for another one of my dreams, this one usually pops up once or twice a year in the couple months surrounding christmas.

In the dream it is christmas day and my family and some extended family are in the kitchen worrying about whether we will have lunch ready in time. Our entire time seems to be taken up by getting an endless number of plates out of the cupboard. Anyway, the time comes around to get the ham out of the fridge, and it is dropped on the floor and shatters, I go outside and see that all the plates are scattered all over the lawn, and then I go back inside and get more plates out of the cupboard. Apparently if people are going to have to eat the plates we will need more of them on the lawn…..

Needless to say, this dream is mildly disturbing.


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#1 Comment By John B1_B5 On November 5, 2005 @ 8:16 am

Well MY dream last night was quite bizarre ( as dreams usually are ) . I dreamt I got on a Canberra bus ( perish the thought ) . The bus started moving, but instesd of speeding up, it slowed down, drove up over the gutter, and cut through a park, weaving between trees on the way . Then I woke up ( thank God ) .