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Video of Millionaire

As previously reported [1], Who Wants To Be A Millionaire made a millionaire, and I now have video online of the event.

I have two version online for compatibility reasons.
MP4 (MPEG Layer 4) [2] This version is more compatible with lots of media software, although Windows Media Player doesn’t seem to like it, it is also higher quality.
WMV (Windows Video) [3] Lower quality, but Windows Media Player supports it.

I strongly suggest that if you are running Windows, download Quicktime [4] which supports MP4 without issues. It also integrates with Mozilla Firefox [5] quite nicely. None the less, choose which file pleases you more and download it, if it doesn’t work the other one almost certainly will.


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#1 Comment By eebl On October 25, 2005 @ 11:10 am


Omg see what I did there?

#2 Comment By Samuel On October 25, 2005 @ 11:43 am

Well, Quicktime, Winamp and xmms are my media players of choice. I use an older version of quicktime though as I don’t want to download itunes. Eventually I will probably need to bite the bullet and upgrade, but until then I’m happy, and by then I may have removed Windows from day-to-day use anyway.

It’s probably just my installation of Windows Media Player, but it just has these bursts of non-responsiveness, which is quite painful as it is set to loop. The first burst of non-responsiveness always happens just a couple seconds after it starts playing something, sometimes it forces me to endure nearly a minute of a looping short sound file, and being such a “vital” part of Windows it manages to prevent the Task Manager from appearing until after I’ve closed it, which means I can’t kill it without using the reset button or waiting a long time.