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Top FM takes AIR News

That title is misleading, Top FM/Territory FM [1] aren’t the only station to take AIR News [2], but they are probably the most exciting from my viewpoint as they have a live webstream [3]. This excites me for two reasons:

  1. It allows potential AIR clients to hear AIR News as it goes to air
  2. It allows people to hear some of my news bulletins

According to the AIR News member stations page [4], Top FM are running the news from 6am-6pm Monday to Friday and 7am-Midday on Saturday & Sunday, these times are Northern Territory time (GMT+9.5). This is good news to me, as it means that one of my bulletins is available on the webstream. Midday Saturday is one of my bulletins, and you can hear it by listening to the webstream [3] at Midday GMT+9.5 (12:30pm AEST).

You will need Real Player [5] to listen to it, but most people seem to have that anyway, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

For the non Australian readers, that time translates to 2:30am GMT, which you should then be able to work out from there.