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Radio In Your House

During a coversation I was having earlier today, a rather unusual idea came up. The conversation turned to having people from a talk radio station in your house 24/7 following you around.

It would be rather interesting, and odd, having the host of the show walking around with a speakerphone talking and having a band play little bits of music in between calls and having the station voiceover bloke constantly announcing the name of the show.

It would become more interesting when the ads started, as all of the people in the ads could appear in the room.

The news would also be interesting, as you could have a newsreader standing under a “News” sign talking and playing audio clips of various people talking.

I’m not sure if the housebound people would appreciate having people talking constantly while they sleep…especially if a noisy ad started.

There would probably be numerous problems if the house owners went shopping…having a bunch of people following them through the supermarket talking and singing and advertising would probably drive an awful lot of people nuts.

I’m sure the people who owned the house would also be rather annoyed at all the studio guests who walk in and out of the house.

It would probably be a bizarre menagerie of noises and people, and I think a lot of the ads would be quite entertaining. For example, one of the current ads would go something like this:

The host of the show finishes the call they are taking, the band starts playing and the station voiceover bloke makes an announcement. Suddenly some woman walks in the door holding a computer and a canoe and says “How am I supposed to get my computer and canoe safely to Darwin?” and then some salesman could walk in with a sign for the company (which I honestly can’t remember) and start talking about the company.

After the ad the band could start playing again, the voiceover bloke could make another announcement and the newsreader could start talking…during the news a studio guest could walk in and stand opposite the host.

Maybe I should go and do something useful…


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#1 Comment By Tiepo On September 30, 2005 @ 1:09 am

Samuel: “would probably drive an awful lot of people nuts”

They got to you to?



#2 Comment By Samuel On September 30, 2005 @ 1:21 am

No matter how much I like the radio, I still like having the power button or switch nearby…and I’m pretty sure that having a few zillion people walking into your lounge room just to make noisy announcements followed by a band suddenly bursting into musical interludes while you are sitting down trying to enjoy a cup of coffee would drive you nuts.

I don’t mind having the speaker (or speakers) doing all of that (and knowing the ads are recorded), but having the people coming and going, performing everything live right in front of you like that would probably earn your house an accreditation as a mental asylum.