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2UE On The Move

For those of you who don’t already know, Sydney radio station 2UE are moving to new all-digital studios in a new building.

The news that I am able to break to you right here is that the first show to come out of the new studios will be Saturday Night Live with Stuart Bocking at 9PM Sydney time, this coming Saturday (September 10), all programming from that point on will be coming from the new digital studios.

2UE were due to start broadcasting from the new studios early this week, but they pushed the date back so that all the staff could learn how to use the new equipment.

It has been said, although I am unable to confirm it, that John Laws’ office is twice the size of 2UE breakfast host Mike Carlton’s office, and that Mike isn’t overly pleased about that.

It is also said, and probably correctly said, that the John Laws studio will have a gold coloured desk with his signature on it, which should match his golden microphone quite well.

Apparently 2UE own this building at 170 Pacific Highway, Greenwich, which has a Dick Smith Electronics store in it (Think Tandy/Radio Shack style store). I suppose if the techs ever need to fix anything they can pop downstairs and grab a bit of solder!