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SBS changed the question

Despite the fact I didn’t post it last night, I was watching World Sport and noticed that they changed the question. As you may recall from the previous post on the matter [1], SBS World Sport asked

Were you surprised by the doping allegations against Lance Armstrong or have they proven your suspicions?

but by the time they went to air last night with the results of the poll they had changed the question to

Does the EPO claim by L’Equipe confirm your belief that Lance Armstrong was not clean when winning the 1999 Tour De France?

World Sport SMS Poll [2]

So SBS changed the question overnight without telling anyone and then published the results.

The results show that people were confused, SBS World Sport polls are almost always 70%-30% one way or the other, but last night they were

Congratulations SBS, you sure do know how to make a mess and pretend you didn’t.

To change the subject, this post is officially the first one to have a samuelgordonstewart.com picture.