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Samuel’s Artwork: Samuel In Dolgnwot

And now… A double image specila of Samuel In Dolgnwot
[1]Today’s first image shows Samuel in his gold digging truck (another futuristicness for 1857) where he can see that he has found 36oz of gold for the day.

There are three buttons in front of Samuel which control various functions of the gold digger, thankfully, the process of searching for gold is automated, but can be customised if that is what is desired.

Samuel is obviously quite pleased at his find, which is hardly suprising.

[2]The second image today is another note from the teacher, Mrs. Brophy, who is writing in reference to her previous comment about captions [3].

She writes “This is an improvement thanks Samuel. Now I know what each pages is telling me. Do you reall think you could watch T.V and listen to 2CA on the goldfields in 1857 though?”

I, upon reading this, went to see her with an explanation about the “Futuristic Technology.”

Clicking on the pictures will show larger versions, you can also find them on the photo gallery [4].