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Linux.Conf.Au Audio

As many of you will recall from the many previous posts on the subject, I have been awaiting audio from Linux.Conf.Au 2005 [1] so that I can complete the video of my seminar at the Security Miniconf [2] and put it online.

A couple weeks ago I received a google alert which pointed me to one of the organiser’s blogs. That blog outlined some problems with the audio. Tonight I have recieved an email (which was sent to the LCA-Announce mailing list) further outlining audio problems etc. The full email is quoted below.

Unfortunately, this does make it almost impossible to continue with the video, I’ll just have to wait and see if I can use any of it at all, and I suspect that wait will be semi-lengthy. On the bright side, if I can make use of it I might be able to check if my name was called out as a laptop winner on one of the mornings that I missed the announcements by a few minutes, if it wasn’t then I will be happy I didn’t miss anything…if it was, well, then I’ll be preparing to yell at Nourthbourne Avenue for a while.

Anyway, here is the email which was sent out to the LCA Announce mailing list

[lca-announce] linux.conf.au 2005 wrap up

linux.conf.au 2005 wrap up



All the papers we have been able to gather from our speakers are now online.
http://lca2005.linux.org.au/Papers [3] for a list of speakers, or more easily
from the Speakers Page http://lca2005.linux.org.au/speakers.php [4] or Program
page http://lca2005.linux.org.au/program.php [5] click on a link to an abstract
for a main conference paper and there is a link at the bottom of the
abstract to the paper/slides/presentation.


Due to problems with the data recorded to disk from the Fluendo streaming
setup we have been unable to recover any realistically useful audio data.
Some details on this can be found at
http://www.stillhq.com/diary/lca2005/000058.html [6] and
http://www.stillhq.com/diary/lca2005/000059.html [6].

Once the Linux Australia mirroring project is live we will upload the 25 GB
of captured Fluendo audio/video data for anyone who wishes to play with and
see if there is any hope of getting more out of this.

CD Mailout

Due to the audio problems we will simply burn all the papers and the website
to CD and post a copy out to all delegates, I apologise for the loss of
audio recordings and the delay in getting all of this sorted, hopefully this
is the only negative marring what I hope was an otherwise very enjoyable
conference for all involved. The CD’s will be mastered and posted within the
next 30 days after this email.

Thanks to the linux.conf.au 2005 crew

Kristy Bennett
Michael Bennett
Rob Bolin
Tony Breeds
Neill Cox
Bob Edwards
Jeremy Kerr
Andrew Pollock
Martin Pool
Alli Russell
Rusty Russell
Michael Still
Chris Yeoh

linux.conf.au 2006 – http://lca2006.linux.org.au/ [6]

Mike Beattie and the rest of the linux.conf.au 2006 crew in Dunedin in New
Zealand are doing some great stuff in preparation for next year’s
conference, sign up as soon as the registration opens as they are working
towards making lca2006 the best linux.conf.au ever.

Thanks from the lca2005 crew.

See You

Steven Hanley (Email hidden by Samuel) http://svana.org/sjh/diary [6]
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