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Does shooting a crocodile brings it’s dinner back to life?

I don’t think so, and seeing as Barry Jeffries, the latest croc victim, isn’t alive I think it is proven.

So then, why do Queensland Parks & Wildlife insist on shooting a crocodile that is suspected of being the one that ate Mr Jeffries? I think it might be a propogranda campaign…perhaps they think that by shooting a croc, the rest of them will become terrified of humans and won’t try and eat them again…maybe…haven’t seen any proof of it working though.

To be fair though, the water hole that Mr. Jeffries was canoeing in was croc infested, and if a croc is hungry and sees “Floating human in a container” at the top of it’s territory, what do you expect it to do…call the local takeaway?

I just don’t see the point in shooting this crocodile, they have no proof that it is the right croc, and it’s not going to prove anything (excepct perhaps that QLD P&W are gun mad lunatics who need to shoot stuff), apart from which, surely it is the croc’s territory, not ours, and when we enter the territory of hungry wild animals we are taking our lives in our own hands.

Just imagine for one moment, it is 4pm and you are in a bank, their was a robbery at this bank at 10am and they have since reopened, the police arrive and arrest you for being the bank robber and their only proof is that you are in the bank at a later time, you wouldn’t be very happy would you?

QLD P&W have done the same thing, they have shot a croc which was in the same waterhole at a later time, yet, just like a bank which is “human infested”, the water hole is “croc infested” by QLD P&W’s own admission…the more I think about this the more I think QLD P&W are gun mad lunatics who feel a need to shoot stuff….I have one sentence of advice for those planning a Queensland holiday….don’t take the crocodile suit!


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#1 Comment By Kerces On August 18, 2005 @ 9:28 pm

Turns out you were justified in all this Sam. I heard on the news today that no human remains were found in the croc they shot, so they were going to keep on looking and shooting.

#2 Comment By samuel On August 18, 2005 @ 11:42 pm

Now, I don’t know the people or circumstances, and I highly doubt that it is the case, but in theory, it would be possible to get away with murder like this…it seems that you claim somebody was eaten, and the story ends there.

I suppose the question is now, how many crocs are they willing to shoot?