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Windows Update without Internet Explorer

I have grumbled about Windows Update for a long time because, to use it, you need to run Internet Explorer. And now on top of that you have to go through an extra, time-consuming, Windows Genuine Advantage “Feed me your serial number and I’ll tell you if you have a real version of Windows and are able to download updates” procedure, which is very tedious, especially if you want to run Windows Update on a large network.

With that I say hello and hooray to WindizUpdate [1] ( http://windowsupdate.62nds.com ) which doesn’t require Internet Explorer. It uses a Firefox/Netscape/Opera/K-Melon plugin, so you can use pretty much any browser you want and still be able to download & install the updates. WindizUpdate [1] was established in January, and the plugin does not appear in any Virus/Adware/Spyware/Other Malware list, and I have it installed on my computer, so it is safe.

Not only does WindizUpdate [1] have the advantage of being used by better browsers than Microsoft’s Windows Update, it is also faster. Windows Update takes more than double the time that WindizUpdate [1] takes to work out what updates I need and then suggests a heap of superfluous nonsense is needed.

[1] also doesn’t ask you to install XP Service Pack 2, so if you don’t want Windows to break further than absolutely necessary, then it doesn’t have to.

WindizUpdate [1] also works on Microsoft’s “unsupported” operating systems, NT4, 95, etc

And better yet, it isn’t an Active X control, Hooray!

I know which Windows Update I’ll be using! (And it doesn’t come from Microsoft)

WindizUpdate [1] ( http://windowsupdate.62nds.com/ )