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The future premier of New South Wales

Well, now that Bob “The Builder” Carr has retired, New South Wales needs a new premier.
The two main contenders are Carl “Sparkles” Scully, who announced in a very monotone and monotempo way “I will put sparkle into the leadership”, and Morris Ieema (pronounced Yemma, but still often said as Eye-Yeema), he really needs a nickname too, perhaps “Ieema (Eye-Yeema) the Hiyena” would be best.

I suggest that John Laws should be the premier of New South Wales, he is bound to be better than Sparkles or The Hiyena, he could be the first premier to have his own radio show, and he would never have a problem getting the premier on the show for an interview:
Laws: “Good morning premier”
Laws: “Good morning Mr. Laws”

Incidentally, Ieema was aked if he would also put sparkle into the leadership….he laughed.