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Of all the stupid thing people do

There were plenty of instances of stupidity in the last 24 hours, but one in particular takes the cake. Near where I live there is a large communal rubbish hopper, somebody in their infinite wisdom decided that the best orientation for this was on it’s back. How they managed this I will never know, what I do know however is that the hopper was more or less full at the time and as such has now left a rather unholy mess.
I was going to take a photo or two of it, but before I had the chance the rubbish truck company (I think it is Cleanaway) came and returned the bin to a more natural orientation. They did however omit to clean up the mess and move the bin back a metre to it’s normal location.
The bin is now roughly a metre forward of it’s usual undercover location (bin now subject to rainfill) and has an incredible mess behind it.
I must remember to take the digital camera out to photograph this absurd mess tommorow (erm, today)…stay tuned for the photos.