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Hehe Another IE Exploit

I know I’m constantly taking swipes at Internet Explorer, but it’s fun.

The latest IE flaw [1] can allow an attacker to take over control of your computer, the funny thing is that Microsoft have decided that the best short term approach to the problem is to set security zone settings to high, effectively making a lot of websites impossible to use….hmmmmm, I think the better solution is Get Firefox! [2]

It’s not all bad news for Microsoft though, Bill Gates has acknowledged that internet security is Microsoft’s greatest challenge [3], which I think is at least a step forward. I think that the next thing they should try is acknowledging that IE is insecure trash and work out ways to make Firefox work with Windows Update. Over time, making Windows Update work the way Firefox wants it to would be a good move, but in the short term we need to get all those IE centric sites working in Firefox, which really means altering Firefox. Perhaps take a Netscape approach and have the IE engine available inside Firefox, maybe even have it automatically switch over to the IE engine for IE centric sites, there are some security issues with that, and that is why it would be a temporary measure until Firefox understands IE sites or IE sites and redesigned with Firefox in mind.

Perhaps I am just being far too optimistic, but I would like to think not.