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Comment Spam In The Running For Golden Bull Award

The recent comment spam [1] has now officially been entered in the Plain English Campaign [2]‘s Golden Bull Awards.

I received an email from Tony Maher, General Manager of the Plain English Campaign a few hours ago in which he wrote:
I will certainly enter this into our ‘Golden Bull’ awards for you.
Exactly what the author was trying to achieve is beyond me.

Well Tony, it is beyond me too!

Incidentally, I wrote the comment spammer an email in which I said:
For some strange reason, I almost find your comment amusing

He replied with:
Thanks Samuel…
(His/Her Website which doesn’t deserve a mention)
Please note: message attached

But there were no attatchments, so I suspect that this person is possibly from another planet, or at least trying to appear that way.

I regularly receive Plain English Campaign newsletters and follow their awards closely, so I will attempt to keep you informed.