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Movements at the station?

I am hearing rumors of a shake up at 2UE [1], according to these rumors the producer of the John Laws Morning Show, co-driver Stuart Bocking may be leaving the Lawsie show and his own Saturday Night Live program to take up the New Day Australia program…it is unclear what would happen to John Kerr, but if he did have to move, it would be nice for him to be able to take Saturday Night Live, although I’m not sure it would suit him….better then being forced out of the station though.

Personally I like things the way they are, I want Stuart to keep doing what he is doing, I want John Kerr to continue to host New Day Australia, it works nicely, and besides, how would Lawsie explain the absence of the co-driver?

I don’t think Stuart is a suitable choice for overnight radio, and I don’t think John Kerr is a suitable choice for Saturday Night Live, they are both great presenters, but they fit their current roles quite nicely.