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The “Grapevine through Transact” using lunatic who left comments here [1] and here [2] has acheived two things:
1. Made a complete idiot out of themself by posting rubbish that contradicts fact.
2. Prompted me to lock down comments, you now have to be a registered user of blogger.com, if you aren’t you can sign up here [3]. I really didn’t want to force people to sign up to blogger.com just to comment, but anonymous loonies are good at forcing it.

The blog stats don’t keep exact IPs, they either show ISP or partial IP, in this case it was partial IP, 203.129.37.x, I could find out the full IP by looking at the logs for the site where the images are hosted, but I couldn’t be bothered, and don’t want to post a dynamic IP anyway.