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Co-driver move more than a rumor?

As mentioned in post “Movements at the station?” [1], Stuart Bocking, producer of the John Laws morning show, co-driver & presenter of Saturday Night Live is said to be leaving the show.

The Daily Telegrpah seem pretty sure that Stuart is taking over the New Day Australia program from John Kerr who is currently on holidays…I don’t know if John Kerr know’s about any of this though as he is overseas. The Daily Telegraph reported on Saturday that:

2UE Drive Presenter Steve Price had a go at former John Laws producer Stuart Bocking (the man set to replace John Kerr on the midnight-to-dawn shift) after news broke Kerr would be punted from his job, despite being overseas while the decision is made. A 2UE source says the two had an argument in front of other staff, with Price getting stuck into him for taking the new job before Kerr even returned from overseas. Price yesterday denied the incident. “I’ve never said a bad word to him in my life,” he said.

I continue to hope that this is all just flying rumors, but I don’t think I can hold my breath on that any more, especially now that radioinfo.com.au have picked up the story.

Daily Telegraph Story here [2]